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How to design the perfect website!

You've decided to make your own site, but you don't know where to begin? A quick google and you think you've got it cracked....

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How to Bitcoin. A guide for Dummies

What is bitcoin? Basic: Bitcoin is a Store of Value. A form of currency. A More advanced description would be A Ledger Technology designed as...

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It’s the second Post, are we any further forward?

Thanks for joining me for the second installment of I don't have a clue what I'm doing! You may have noticed by now, I'm...

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It’s the first post? But what does it mean

So I've added a title, bashed my paws against the keyboard a bit and got some content...Now i'm officially an Ozor? What else can...

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Types of Crypto Wallet – All You Need to Know About Storing Crypto

Crypto Wallets Although digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, aren’t physical entities, you still need a place to keep them. The best and only way to...

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Crypto Giveaway, Alpha Testing Dapps and Crypto Update – 24th May

All things Slothly D - Find out more @ CryptoMyFace Discord server is now up and running, check out the new Alpha for our...

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How to use Polygon (Matic)

How to Add Matic to Metamask? You've heard about Polygon and now want to surf the biggest Matic Dapps? First you need to download "metamask"...

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Blocto cross chain wallet and BLT governance token

Blocto's mobile wallet opens up new possibilities for the average Dapp user. Today we're taking a look at the Blocto cross chain crypto wallet, helping...

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Our new Discord and Today’s Crypto update 18th May

All things Slothly D - Find out more @ Check out our new and improved CMF Discord server. With a sneak peak look at...

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